Speaker Date Topic
Lindy Joubert Jul 23, 2024 6:30 PM
Member Behind the Badge
Member Behind the Badge

Lindy Joubert is an Honorary Senior Fellow in Architecture at the University of Melbourne with an outsanding career in service, both in Australia and throughout the world. The member behind the badge is where we get an opportunity to learn more about our fellow Rotarians than usually comes up in general conversation and, of all meeting topics presented, are the most meaningful. Come along and hear from Linday directly. What she has to share is truly amazing.

Mark Ryan Jul 30, 2024 6:30 PM
Eureka Coffee
Eureka Coffee
Joy Sparkes Aug 13, 2024 6:30 PM
Murray Version Oct 22, 2024
Jennifer De-Vos Oct 29, 2024
Member behind The Badge

Jennifer De-Vos will be making her member behind the badge presentation

Grant Hocking Nov 12, 2024
Rotary Foundation

Grant Hocking will be speaking further on Rotary Foundation and ensuing plans and objectives.